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Korean Neurological Associtation

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Welcome to Korean Neurological Associtation

Society Introduction

Society Introduction


To Members of the Korean Neurological Association, Greetings to you all!

Greetings to all Korean Neurological Association Members

I am greatly honored to serve as chief director of proud Korean Neurological Association for 2 years since March 2016. I feel a sense of heavy responsibility.

First of all, I would like to extend my deep appreciation to chairmen, chief directors, former director Byeong-Woo Yoon, and other executives who have contributed to the firm establishment of Korean Neurological Association. I am also grateful for the interests and cooperation of all the members of Korean Neurological Association.

Despite the relatively short history since its foundation in 1982, Korean Neurological Association has improved neurological examination and treatment to world-class level through active academic researches for the nation’s health of cerebral nerves.

In addition to that, about 2,000 medical specialists have already been trained through its hearty education programs, and it continues to promote the advancement of specific neurological science areas in interchange with more than 20 internal and related academic institutes. Taking it as the basic commission, Korean Neurological Association will put forth continued effort into contributing to the development in this area.

Currently, we are in urgent need to raise the national awareness of neurology, find career courses for trainees such as opening or entering a hospital, and develop measures to strengthen their capabilities of examination and treatment as the general fees of neurological medical treatments are relatively low.

To this end, more efforts will be put forth into taking diversified measures such as improving directions for medical specialist training, taking the lead of managing chronic neurologic disorders, and developing practice ways of life-long education for medical specialists as well as maintaining closer cooperation and interchange with governmental divisions of neurology-related health policies, National Health Insurance Service, and so forth.

Additionally, we will strengthen the promotion among academic institutes so that we can reflect various opinions from members in our services and all can actively participate through smooth communication among members.

We really appreciate in advance your interests and cooperation for the new directors to complete their services successfully.

I would like to express my gratitude once again for the hard work of chief director Byeong-Woo Yoon and other directors who contributed to the firm establishment of the Association operation system during the term of office, and I wish every one of you tremendous success in everything you do. Thank you very much.

March 2016, Byung-Chul Lee, The chief director of Korean Neurological Association


History of Korean Neurologic Association
  • The first Neurology clinic started in the Jin-Ju city by Dr. Charles Inglis Mclaren from Australia at 1910.
  • Dr. Lee Jung-Cheol was the first Korean Neurologist who was trained and studied in China, Australia, and Japan (University of KyuShu) and who started practicing from 1934.
  • Department of Neurology was first created as an independent department at 1958 in the National Central Hospital, contributed by Scandinavian countries.
  • The Korean Neurologic Association was created at 1981 and the first meeting was held at 1982 with participants of 206.
  • The exam of Korean Board of Neurology began 1983, and 95 out of 113 appliances passed the test.
  • The 9th AOCN (Asian Oceanian Congress of Neurology) was held at 1996 and was the first international academic meeting hosted by KNA.
  • Now, the Koran Neurologic Association developed to have about 1600 members.
Affiliated Academic Societies
  • Korean Epilepsy Society (1996)
  • Korean Society for Clinical Neurophysiology (1996)
  • Korean Stroke Society (1998)
  • Korean Balance Society (1999)
  • Korean Headache Society (2001)
  • Korean Dementia Association (2002)
  • Korean Sleep Society (2002)
  • Korean Association of Private Practicing Neurologist (2002)
No, of Members in Korean Neurological Association
Members in Korean Neurological Association


Executive Officers of KNA

Position Name University
Congress President Seo Man, Wook Professor of Neurology, Chonbuk National University Hospital
President Byung Woo, Yoon Professor of Neurology, Seoul National University Hospital
Congress Vice-President Hyun Kil, Shin Director, Cheonan Do Neurology Clinic
Vice-President Byung Chul, Lee Professor of Neurology, Hallym University Medical Center
Internal Auditor Kwang Kuk, Kim Professor of Neurology, Asan Medical Center
Internal Auditor Jin Yong, Choi Professor of Neurology, Konkuk University Chungju Hospital
General Secretary Jung Joon, Sung Professor of Neurology, Seoul National University Hospital
Chair, Academics Committee Dae Won, Seo Professor of Neurology, Samsung Medical Center
Chair, Training Committee Jae Moon, Kim Professor of Neurology, Chungnam National University Hospital
Chair, Examination and Certification Committee Seung Hyun, Kim Professor of Neurology, Hanyang University Hospital
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Clinical Neurology Sang Ahm, Lee Professor of Neurology, Asan Medical Center
Editor-in-Chief, Journal of Korean Neurological Association Gun Sei, Oh Professor of Neurology, Daejun Eulji University Hospital
Treasurer Yong Seok, Lee Professor of Neurology, Seoul Metropolitan Government - Seoul National University Boramae Medical Center
Chair, Insurance Committee Yeong In, Kim Professor of Neurology, Catholic Kwandong University International ST. Mary's Hospital
Chair, Legislation Committee Kun Woo, Park Professor of Neurology, Korea University Anam Hospital
Chair, Public Relations Committee Seung Han, Suk Professor of Neurology, Wonkwang University's College of Medicine
Chair, Website Committee Phil Hyu, Lee Professor of Neurology, Severance Hospital, Yonsei University
Chair, Planning Committee Hee-Joon, Bae Professor of Neurology, Seoul National University Bundang Hospital
Chair, International Affairs Committee Joung Ho, Rha Professor of Neurology, Inha University Hospital
Executive Member Il Keun, Lee Director, Seoul Brain Neurology Clinic
Chair, Clinical Practice Guideline & Quality Assurance Committee Seung Bong, Hong Professor of Neurology, Samsung Medical Center
Chair, Policy and External Affairs Committee Won Joo, Kim Professor of Neurology, Gangnam Severance Hospital, Yonsei University
Chair, Medical Affairs Committee Jun Hong, Lee Professor of Neurology, National Health Insurance Service Ilsan Hopital
Chair, Education Committee Dong Kuck, Lee Professor of Neurology, Daegu Catholic University Medical Center


Hospital Name Homepage
Asan Medical Center
Bongseng Medorial Hospital
BundangCHA Hospital http://
Chonbuk National University Hospital
Chonnam National University Hospital
Chosun University Hospital
About the JCN

About the JCN


About the JCN

The Journal of Clinical Neurology (JCN) is the official English-language journal of the Korean Neurological Association. It is an open-access and peer-reviewed journal that is published quarterly. The JCN aims to publish the cutting-edge research from around the world. The JCN covers clinical and translational research for physicians and researchers in the field of neurology. Although we are primarily interested in clinical work, experimental or translational research works are also considered if they are related to clinical practice. The 2013 impact factor of the JCN is 1.892. The JCN will continue to provide high quality research papers for readers and strengthen its reputation.

The JCN is currently indexed, tracked, or covered by Science Citation Index (SCI), PubMed, PubMed Central (PMC), SCOPUS, EMBASE, CrossRef, Google Scholar, KoreaMed, Synapse, and KoMCI.

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Scientific Meeting Schedule

Scientific Meeting Schedule

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